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Working While Disabled

A Guide to Plans for Achieving Self-Support While Receiving Supplemental Security Income
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Social Security Administration, SSA Publication No. 05-11017, August 1991

What is a plan for achieving self-support?

Basically, a plan for achieving self-support, or PASS for short, is a plan for your future. Many people with disabilities want to work, and you're probably one of them. But maybe you need to go back to school before you can get a job. Or maybe you'd like to start your own business, but you just don't have the money. Whatever your work goal may be, a PASS can help you reach it.

A PASS lets you set aside money and/or other things you own to help you reach your goal. For example, you could set aside money to start a business or to go to school or to get training for a job.

If you're already getting Supplemental Security Income (SSI), having a PASS means you'll be able to keep more of your SSI payment each month. If you don't get SSI because your income or resources are too high, setting up a PASS may help you qualify. And that can be very important because people who get SSI usually get Medicaid, too.

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