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Rickshaw Physical Therapy Exercise

The accompanying picture shows Troy who has a C5-C6 spinal cord injury, doing the rickshaw exercise on the UPPERTONE.

This is the standard exercise that physical therapy departments stress for strengthening and developing the muscles people with quadriplegia require for transferring to and from wheelchairs.

While other machines such as the rickshaw you may have used during physical therapy allowed you to do this exercise, the UPPERTONE provides superior development as it has a flexible free hanging rickshaw handle, rather than the rigid arm on conventional rickshaw machines.


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This has two advantages over the machines used at the rehab for physical therapy. First, for someone with no or very little triceps the UPPERTONE's free hanging handles allow sufficient flexibility to allow other muscles to compensate for the triceps. Second, the free hanging system also helps quads develop a sense of balance and directional control.

In addition, our experience suggests that by adjusting the UPPERTONE's height and width settings, even people who have lost their triceps because of their spinal cord injury, can do the rickshaw exercise.

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