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UPPERTONE quadriplegic exercise equipment for C4-C5 spinal cord injury
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This has several advantages. First, depending on the level of the spinal cord injury and the type of wheelchair the station height and width can be adjusted to meet the needs of the individual. In addition since changing the widths and heights affects the muscles that come into play, by adjusting these quadriplegics can adjust these settings so that they use their most available muscles.

There is no other adaptive or rehabilitation machine that allows people with quadripelgia due to C4-C5 and below spinal cord injury, to exercise from power or manual wheelchairs in a manner that best meets their needs regardless of the level of spinal cord injury.

Aerobic Exercise for Quadriplegics
There are two ways for quadriplegics to do aerobic exercises on the UPPERTONE. They can either do the chest press or the rowing exercise at a rapid rate with low resistance. In addition because the UPPERTONE was specially designed to allow people with C4-C5 and below quadriplegia or tetraplegia to exercise they can vary the width and height at which they do the exercises.
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