Send SMS for library membership

Library Membership

SMS your name and gender to 87504 18586 for library membership

Procedure for New Membership

 SMS Name, Gender to 8750418586

Ex: Shiv Kumar, Male
Ex: Pinky Sharma, Female

  1. Your SMS will be entered into a Waiting List (different lists for men and women respectively).
  2. Your SMS will be valid for 360 hours only (=15 days * 24 hours)
  3. List of selected members on: 1st & 16th of the month.
  4. If your name is not selected, resend a SMS before 360 hours (15 days) to stay on the list (Same name, same SIM). Your name gets an extension of 15 days from the time we receive your SMS. — Repeat this process till your name is selected.
  5. No preferential treatment is given to age, social status, job-profile, political affiliation or personal connections. All such requests are permanently rejected.
  6. You may check your position on the list by
Minimum age for membership is 14 years (or studying in 9th Standard)


Current Waiting Period
Men : 75 ~ 90 days (5 ~ 6 lists)
Women: 45 ~ 60 days (3 ~ 4 lists)